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Cell Differentiation and Organogenesis

  • Yuxin Hu’s Group
    Plant Hormone Signaling and Organogenesis
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  • Cui Zhang's Group
    Epigenetic Regulation of Lateral Organ Development
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  • Jie Le's Group
    Plant Epidermal Development and Regulation
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  • Zheng Meng's Group
    Function of Floral Genes
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  • Youfa Cheng's Group
    Hormone Metabolism and Development
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  • Lei Wang's Group
    Plant Circadian Molecular System and Development
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Seed Development

  • Chun-Ming Liu's Group
    Embryogenesis and Endosperm Development
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  • Tai Wang's Group
    Pollen and Seed Development
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  • Xianjun Song' Group
    Plant Genetics and Functional Genomics
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  • Leqing Qu's Group
    Regulatory Mechanism of Plant Gene
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  • Yongxiu Liu's Group
    Genetic and Molecular Analysis of Seed Development
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  • Shengwei Zhu's Group
    Plant Hormone Function Mechanism
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Stress Physiology

  • Kang Chong's Group
    Plant Molecular Developmental Physiology
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  • Yinxin Li's Group
    Mechanism and Practice on Plant Salt Tolerance
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  • Jingbo Jin’s Group
    Epigentic Regulation of Plant Environment Stress
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  • Xiaoquan Qi's Group
    Plant Metabolism and Disease Resistance
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