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Embryogenesis and Endosperm Development
Chun-Ming Liu     Professor
1984: BSc, Shandong Normal University, China. 1987: MSc, Shanghai Institute of Plant Physiology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China. 1996: PhD, John Innes Center/UEA, the United Kingdom.
Work Experiences:
1990-1992: Visiting Scientist, Institute of Molecular & Cell Biology, National University of Singapore, Singapore. 1996-1999: Senior Research Associate, Oklahoma State University, USA 1999-2005: Senior Scientist/Group Leader, Plant Research International, the Netherlands. 2005-2011, Professor and Director of Center for Signal Transduction & Metabolomics, Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China; 2007-now, Chief Editor, Journal of Integrative Plant Biology (JIPB). 2011-now Head, Key Laboratory for Molecular Plant Physiology, CAS.
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  • Chun-Ming Liu

  • Xiufen Song

    Associate Professor
  • Jinxin Liu

    Research Associate
  • Shengyang Wu

    Research Associate
  • Xuefeng Yao

  • Aining Bai

  • Mingwei Wu

    PhD student
  • Xiuli Hou

    PhD student
  • Ting Liu

    PhD student
  • Dongqi Li

    PhD student
  • Xue Bai

    PhD student
  • Wenqiang Chen

    PhD student
  • Jinlei Liu

    PhD student
  • Ling Jiang

    PhD student

  • Menchao Zhu

    MSc student

  • Cong Li

    MSc student

  • Mengmeng Chen

    MSc student

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