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Progresses on temperature-dependent intersection of plant immunity and growth homeostasis   [2017-5-17]
Le’s Group revealed the role of plant actin-related protein ARP3 in gravitropism   [2016-8-25]
Tai Wang’ group reveals a novel receptor-like kinase signaling pathway that mediates K+ homeostasis required for pollen tube growth and integrity   [2016-7-26]
A new method for discrimination and quantification of true biological signals in LC-MS-based metabolomics analysis   [2016-6-21]
Novel metabolic mechanism underlying the adaptation of chilling tolerance in rice— Rapid ROS induction mediated metabolic response determines the degree of chilling tolerance in rice   [2016-5-25]
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Wang ZC*, Cui DY*, Liu J*, Zhao JB, Liu C, Xin W, Li Y, Liu N, Ren DT, Tang DZ, Hu YX. 2017. Arabidopsis ZED1-related kinases mediate the temperaturesensitive intersection of immune response and growth homeostas. New Phytologist, doi:10.1111/nph.14585 (*Co-first author)   [Detailed content]
Guo XY, Xu SJ, Chong K. 2017. Cold signal shuttles from membrane to nucleus. Molecular Cell, doi:org/10.1016/j.molcel.2017.03.010   [Detailed content]
Yang N, Wang T. 2017. Comparative proteomic analysis reveals a dynamic pollen plasma membrane protein map and the membrane landscape of receptor like kinases and transporters important for pollen tube growth and interaction with pistils in rice. BMC Plant Biology, doi:10.1186/s12870-016-0961-7   [Detailed content]
Wang XC, Guan YYY, Zhang D, Dong XBi, Tian LH, Qu LQ. 2017. A β-ketoacyl-CoA synthase is involved in rice leaf cuticular wax synthesis and requires a CER2-LIKE protein as a cofactor. Plant Physiology, 173: 944-955   [Detailed content]
Feng XJ, Li JR, Qi SL, Lin QF, Jin JB*, Hua XJ*. 2016. Light affects salt stress-induced transcriptional memory of P5CS1 in Arabidopsis. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci.USA, 113: 8335-8343   [Detailed content]
Wang XL#, Wang HW#, Liu SX, Ferjani A, Li JS, Yan JB, Yang XH*, Qin F*. 2016. Genetic variation in ZmVPP1 contributes to drought tolerance in maize seedlings. Nature Genetics, 48:1233-1241(#Co-first author,*Corresponding author)   [Detailed content]
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